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connect multiple messaging channels within a heartbeat

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AskAmy is a highly versatile interaction platform. Enabling real-time conversations. With all conversation history in one screen. Connect to any channel of your choice. Built natively on Salesforce with seamless integration.

How does it work

AskAmy offers key functionalities required for any modern high-volume interaction department, whether it's for consumer-facing sales and service, or for communications between internal departments.



  • Combined Shape Copy 3 Facebook Messenger
  • copy Wechat
  • Combined Shape Copy 5 SMS
  • Combined Shape Copy 4 Whatsapp
  • Combined Shape Copy 6 Telegram
  • Combined Shape Copy 7 Line chat
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Why you need this

Your consumers increasingly choose to communicate through the channels of their preference, where-ever and whenever they want. But you like efficiency in your services delivery processes and one agent screen. Now you can have both! Even better, adding transactional messaging to it turns service into sales. Quick. Easy. Hassle free for your consumers.

  • Real-time platform connection
  • Sales and Services channels integration within heartbeat
  • One seamless agent experience inside Service Console
  • Enablement of alternative Chat platforms
  • Instant language recognition


We offer a user-based model with a one-time setup fee per channel, based on a 24 month contract.

Ask For Price

  • Per channel of your choice
  • Unlimited messages per user per month up to 50 users

Ask For Price

  • Per user per month
  • Unlimited messages per user per month up to 50 users